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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

August Wrap-Up

Greetings fellow book dragons!

Another month bites the dust, and in the tradition of book blogging, it's time to look back on all the books that we've read over the month.  This month I read three books, and while I'm sure that I could have finished at least one more, I admit that I got distracted by an HBO summer series called The Night Of.  It was such a fantastic show that I'm not the least bit sorry I didn't accomplish more reading!  I've provided some short thoughts about each one, but in-depth reviews will follow soon.  

The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman


Thoughts:  This was such a beautifully written story.  I know that I could have finished this one a lot faster than I did, but I just found myself pausing to savor what I was reading.  I was speechless when I discovered that this was the author's first book!  There are so many layers to this story and the author's ability to capture the essence of what it's like to live with PTSD was so amazing.  I look forward to reading her next book; however, there is no indication as to when that will be and patience is not necessarily my greatest virtue!

Ready! Set! Read! // Highly Anticipated September Releases!

Greetings fellow book dragons!

This is a new monthly addition featuring new release books that I have my eye on and perhaps you may be interested in as well!  I have also included children's books since I'm always on the look out for new items for my boys!  Please click on the links for more info and buying options!  And just a friendly reminder that your local library is a great resource for materials as well!  

Leave Me by Gayle Forman (September 6, 2016)

I love this author and only just found out last night in fact that she had something new coming out!  I love the synopsis of this one:
For every woman who has ever fantasized about driving past her exit on the highway instead of going home to make dinner, for every woman who has ever dreamed of boarding a train to a place where no one needs constant attention--meet Maribeth Klein. A harried working mother who's so busy taking care of her husband and twins, she doesn't even realize she's had a heart attack. 
Afterward, surprised to discover that her recuperation seems to be an imposition on those who rely on her, Maribeth does the unthinkable: She packs a bag and leaves. But, as is so often the case, once we get to where we're going, we see our lives from a different perspective. Far from the demands of family and career and with the help of liberating new friendships, Maribeth is finally able to own up to secrets she has been keeping from those she loves and from herself.
 This just sounds fantastic!  

T5W: Books You Will NEVER Read!

Greetings fellow book dragons!

This is a weekly meme within the book community that was created by GingerReadsLainey, but is now hosted by Sam of Thoughts on Tomes.  If you're interested in participating, find out more on the Goodreads group!

This week's topic is Books You Will NEVER Read!  Another self-explanatory one.  These are some of the books that I hear a lot of other people talk about, and based on their reviews and what I read from each book's synopsis, I just have no desire to ever read these.

Here are my picks in no particular order:

1.  Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

I just don't think that this was necessary.  From what I have heard or read from others, too many aspects of the story just seem off, from the writing, the characters, the plot, etc.  At first, I thought I should just read it since it has officially been made a part of the canon, and by not reading it, I would be missing out or losing something from the story.  Plus, it's Harry Potter!  However, the more that I hear about it, I'll just conclude the story at book seven and move on, as I wish the entire franchise could have done as well.

2.  A Little Life

I've heard a lot of people describe this one as "torture porn."  While apparently very beautifully written, this book paints a very devastating, depressing, and bleak view of life.  The main character faces hardship after hardship and to such an extent that when the next horrible thing happens, many readers were left saying, "Of course it did!"  I am an extremely empathetic and sensitive person.  I feel everything and while I do like reading stories about the struggles of humanity and the ways in which one can overcome or be defeated by those situations, this one seems to present too many harsh realities that my soul would have a hard time bearing.  And yes, I am completely aware of how "privileged" that sounds:   It is a whole lot easier for me to read about it than to endure what real people do all day every day.  There are a lot of people who have strongly connected with this story, as though the author wrote about their own personal lives; however, it's just a little too much heartbreak for me.

3.  The Nest

This is one of those that is so hyped up that I'm totally turned off by it.  I get the sense that there is a lot of unnecessary drama from very shallow people and the fact that it is all tied into waiting on large sums of money just makes it even more cringe inducing.  

4.  The Selection

When I heard someone describe how it was like The Bachelor, I immediately said nope.

5.  Not That Kind of Girl

I'm not a fan of the author, so that alone doesn't make me want to read this, but more importantly, the narcissism is strong with this one.  Time is short and my patience is thin.

So those are my picks for this week.  I am slightly surprised at how many of these receive such high ratings and here I am refusing to read them.  Such is the nature of unpopular opinions!  Have you read any of these?  What books will you never read?  Let me know in the comments!

Happy Reading!

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Monday, August 29, 2016


Greetings fellow book dragons!

This isn't my first rodeo with book blogging, so for those of you that know me, it was simply time for a re-brand, and for those that are finding me for the first time, thank you and welcome!   

So without further ado, as my first official post as That's What She's Reading, I thought I would take some time to do the Book Blog Newbie Tag, which was created by loveandotherbookishthings.

1.  Why did you start this blog?

I originally began book blogging in 2012 as part of library school.  I really enjoyed it and decided recently to start over with this blog to reflect a fresher tone.

I wanted a place to talk about books and other bookish delights.  In a galaxy far far away, I was an Army officer and a librarian, but now, my bosses are two very energetic little boys (and now a sassy little girl).  My days are spent arguing with smaller versions of myself about going to the bathroom, that picking something out of your nose does not constitute an acceptable form of nourishment, and that while it is definitely more relaxing to spend your days without pants on, they must be worn when going out in public.  Adult interaction is highly valued these days even if it must come in the form of the internet.  

2.  What are some fun and unique things you can bring to book blogging?

I'm a librarian, so in order to save time, let's just assume I'm right!  Just kidding!  My experience and training encourage me to read things from that perspective, but I'm also very opinionated in my own right.  Also with two (now three) kids, I love sharing some of the amazing children's books that we read together.  

3.  What are you most excited for about this blog?

Engaging with others about books and reading and hopefully making some friends along the way.  But more importantly, perhaps someone out there will enjoy discussing Game of Thrones with me, so my poor husband can get a break!

4.  Why do you love reading?

I get to live thousands of lives!

5.  What book or series got you into reading?

From the Mixed Up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler by E.L. Konigsburg

6.  What questions would you ask your favorite authors?

Why do you kill the ones I love!?!!?

7.  What challenges do you think starting a blog will be the hardest to overcome?

Finding the time to write without compromising my other precious resource...sleep.

8.  When did you start reading?

My mom says since I could sit up, I was dragging books off the shelf and "reading" them even if they were upside down.  I learned to read at 3 and life was never the same.

9.  Where do you read?

I read anywhere.  

10.  What kinds of books do you like to read?

I like too many genres, which makes it difficult for me to not get distracted by other books, but I primarily enjoy mysteries, thrillers, fantasy, and young adult.

So that's a little about me.  Welcome to my blog!  Feel free to answer some of those questions in the comments if you feel like sharing too!